VCAMS (Voxel-Based Computer-Aided Modeling of Complex Structures) is a free and open source software for creating complex FEA models using voxels.

This software allows for accurate, fast, and reproducible modelling and can be used and extended by anyone in accordance with the GNU AGPLv3 license.

Its main features are:

  • Powerful Library: The VCAMS library is simple but powerful, allowing for easy scripting which makes the results highly reproducible. Also, the scripts can be archived and shared with others.
  • Simple GUI: The VCAMS GUI is a simple but elegant graphical user interface that allows for easy creation of some of the more widely used structures.
  • Fast: VCAMS is very fast. It can create a model consisting of one million elements in less than a second!
  • Thorough Documentation: There are in-depth articles about all aspects of VCAMS in the online documentation.
  • Free and Open Source: VCAMS and its source code are provided free of charge under the GNU AGPLv3 license. You can download the source code and the executables on the project’s GitHub page.
Mohammadreza Khoshbin
Mohammadreza Khoshbin
PhD Candidate of Mechanical Engineering

I am a PhD candidate of mechanical engineering and a tenured technical instructor who loves programming and research.